While spending 10 days backpacking in Alaska’s wilderness last summer, I was reminded of the tremendous need for having an ultralight backpacking setup. Shaving weight from my backpacking gear has been a challenge (especially with my camera equipment) that I think I’ll forever be trying to conquer.

Kim, Bearfoot Theory’s community manager has also been working on shedding weight from her pack. On the day she started her 5-month thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, her pack was so full she couldn’t even fit her sleeping bag in it. By the time Kim finished in Canada.

I’ll preface this with saying, Kim and I aren’t the types of people to cut the handle off of our toothbrushes or forgo the stove and eat trail mix for dinner…although those things can save you weight too.

These ultralight backpacking tips focus on easy, practical changes you can make to shed weight while still being comfortable and having durable gear on the trail.

Focus on Items with Multiple Uses

Take a look at every item in your backpack and make sure you know how to maximize its use. Many items you carry on backpacking trips can have more than one use.

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