Top 5 Ski Resorts for Singles

For some skiers, the fun really starts once the lifts close, and the bars open. However, even the most serious skiers can enjoy the aprés-ski scene. In fact, many ski resorts that offer top-notch terrain also offer great nightlife.

You’re bound to find at least a few locals, lift operators, ski instructors and ski patrol in any given mountain pub. Ski towns with bustling bars and bouncing nightclubs are also a hotbed for visitors, and as a result, resorts known for their aprés-ski activities have also become known as great vacation spots for singles.

You might wonder what makes a good singles’ resort, but the answer is not hard to figure out. The best mountains to meet people are large resorts which are situated in or near busy resort villages. Avoid smaller mountains in secluded locales, and resorts that cater to families with children. Not surprisingly, another key feature is an active aprés-ski scene, and resorts with the best nightlife opportunities tend to be popular vacation spots as well.

Whether you’re seeking a ski resort for singles, a location for your winter bachelor or bachelorette party, or if you just enjoy a night of partying after a day on the slopes, start planning a visit to the following ski resorts.

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