Top 10 Yoga Friendly Cities in America You Need to Visit

Yoga is one of the nation’s most rapidly growing recreational pursuits. The practice of yoga has shown to have numerous mental and physical benefits to the people who take part in it. More Americans than ever are choosing to hit the mats, and for good reason!

Studios all over America offer a variety of classes that can be suited to all levels, as well as classes that can accommodate even the busiest schedules. Today, it is almost impossible to make an excuse not to check out a​​​​​ local studio.

While studios are popping up across the country, these top 10 yoga friendly cities in America are the must-visit places.

San Diego, California

It is easy to see why San Diego was named one of the country’s happiest cities in a recent study. Between the year-round sunshine and easy beach access, San Diego residents are a lucky bunch. Yoga plays a major part in personal happiness for almost all of its residents.

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