Top 10 Robotic arms in 2018-Review and comparison

Vex Robotic Arm is a 4-axis articulated grabber arm, which allows you to pick and place the item with ease. The rotation range of the whole robot body is 360 degrees. In that way, even complicated actions can be achieved with it. In the process of design, STEM education cooperation is considerate. It can be used for demonstrating gear reductions and power transfer. Don’t worry about its operation speed, 4 jointed components enable its movement with stable, even in bad condition. When fully charged, it can run about 4-6 hours. The matter that needs your attention, you may need to take some time to master the use of it.

RG-SNAPPER Snapper Robotic Arm

VEX Robotic Arm

If you are at the entry level of Arduino and robotics, then Snapper Robotic Arm couldn’t be better for you. It can be used for developing an interesting or educating purpose. It’s easy to be modified and upgraded for a variety of reasons because it was designed based on the very RobotGeek module and the open source Arduino. The robot arm comes with a manual control panel, which allows users to transform the arm into different postures to fulfill tasks. On account of record actions in sequence, so it also supports teaching & playback. The robot arm can be controlled in multiple ways, such as PC, programming, the manual control panel, or via any sort of customized control panel with different functional sensors and ANA IN. Because of the high-torque servos, it can lift 50g item easily with an effective reach of 29cm.

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