Top 10 Best AWD Sports Cars for 2018

All-wheel drive sports cars are the best, due to the fact they have better traction, more power and they are developed for all types of races you have on mind. Of course, these cars are expensive, simply because their development and their manufacturing costs a lot. In addition, all of them have the latest features, advanced systems and a lot of horsepower. At the same time, all of this means that they offer the best performances, so they are the best choice for all petrol heads. Here is the list of the best sports cars with all-wheel drive.

Bugatti Chiron ($2,6M)

One of the Best AWD Sports Cars

Bugatti Chiron is simply the best, due to the fact it has 1.500HP, which is more than any other car. Despite the fact it looks like a Veyron, this model is a lot better. The engine that sends the power to all four wheels has an 8.0 L capacity and 4 turbo. It is paired with 7 gears transmission (automatic) based on the latest technology. Although, the price is high, the top speed is also. The top speed of this car is 261 MP/h. This makes it the fastest car on the planet.

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