The Top 12 Social Companion Robots

What do you get if you combine the best features of a smartphone, a vacuum cleaner, and a pet? No, it’s not Dr. Frankenstein’s dog, but rather the new family members of the household of the future: social companion robots. They might do the chores, guard the house, teach the children and keep company to the elderly or people with health issues. Here are the current best examples on the market, but the best is yet to come.

The newest member of the family?

Joe Hawkins lives in London with his wife and three kids. Running a household and having a job would already be an immense task for the parents, but Laura, the mother, has frequent business trips and leaves the kids and the house to Joe. So, he decides to buy a robotic servant looking precisely like a human. The children name it Anita. These are the first scenes of the series, Humans, but it could also easily be an episode of every family’s future life.

With the advancement of robotics and artificial intelligence, social companion robots started to take shape: these human or animal shaped, smaller or bigger mechanic creatures are able to carry out different tasks and have interactions with humans and their environment. In the future, they might become every parent’s little helper in the kitchen, might support the guard dog in keeping the house safe, might teach the children and be their companion and support the elderly from reminding to take their medication until keeping them company when they feel lonely.

social companion robots
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