The Top 10 Spring Skiing Essentials to Pack This Season

Personally, I love spring skiing in Colorado. The temperatures are warmer, the sun is usually out and everyone is always in a mood to party. And if you’re skiing somewhere like Colorado, where even the resort bases usually sit above 8,000 feet, the snow even stays decent well into April. So now the question is simply what to pack? And I’m not just talking about clothes in a bag. Spring skiing is all about attitude, so from crazy gear to Bluetooth speakers and drink coolers, here are the essentials I’m taking to the slopes this spring ski season.

Shinesty Ski Suits

I’ll admit my favorite part about spring skiing in Colorado is about getting dressed up in a totally random ski outfit and flying down the mountain in it. This year I’m going with ski suits from Shinesty. New and retro-inspired 80s ski suits, 90s ski bibs, and even USA ski onesies are all on offer from this company that also does crazy 90s style blade ski sunglasses, neon headbands and even some vintage-inspired duds for apres celebrations for men and women.

Vail Resorts EpicMix Time Insight App

These days packing can be virtual. So before heading up to one of the mountains owned by Vail Resorts for Spring Break, you’ll want to download their  EpicMix Time Insight app. It tells skiers and snowboarders which resorts have the shortest lift lines, which means you can make decisions on what mountain to ride each day based on lift lines. Not bad for optimizing your on mountain time, especially if you’re riding during a busy period. It’s also the first of its kind from a tech perspective, as the first-ever developed mountain app that offers real-time data from crowdsourcing.

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