Backpacking Gear: What to Pack and How to Prep

So you’ve been invited to go on a backpacking trip, but are a little unsure of what to bring, how to prepare, and how to actually, you know, get up that mountain. Trust me when I say that you’re about to embark on a wonderful adventure that can open so much more of the world to you. There are so many mind-blowingly beautiful places on the planet where a car can’t take you, and hiking, (or trekking, backpacking, or whatever you want to call it), is the only way to see them.

Surviving a multi-day backpacking adventure isn’t about being the fittest person on the trail. It’s not about being the most experienced, either. It’s about will power, endurance, and most importantly of all, enjoyment.

So don’t worry if this is your first time backpacking and carrying gear, because with the right preparation, you can do it! Everyone was a first-timer at some point, right?

From a girl who has done everything from 1-day to 14-day treks, these are my best backpacking tips for beginners:

What to wear

backpacking tips for beginners


Your shoes will be one of the most important pieces of gear on your trip. Running shoes are appropriate sometimes, but waterproof hiking boots are much better. Try them on in person (in lieu of that, I recommend these), and make sure that you break them in before you take them on a multi-day hike. Do a few hikes or take some walks around your neighborhood first. The better they are molded to your feet, the smaller the chance of blisters. Additionally:

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