If you’re not ready to drop 5+ digits on a men’s watch collection, versatility becomes a key selling point. And even if you are, it never hurts to have a few things in your horological arsenal that match the majority of your wardrobe. With that in mind, we’ve gathered up a few of our favourite watches that can accompany you anywhere, whether you’re dressed to impress in a suit or relaxing on the weekend in sneakers and shorts.

Panerai Luminor Base Logo Acciaio

Simplicity reigns supreme when versatility is the goal, and few do it with the elegance of the Panerai base models. The PAM00000 – also known as ‘Zero’ and ‘Logo’ – needs little introduction for Panerai fans. Despite being one of the brand’s cheapest entry level offerings, it is also one of the most sought after. Of course, if you’re a collector looking for one of the originals, “cheap” no longer factors into it. Either way, the PAM00000 is a brilliantly simple, military-styled watch that will be by your side for many years (and outfits) to come.

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