5 Top Tips For Photographing Flowers and Gardens

It’s not uncommon for nature and flower photographers to keep taking the same old picture of different plants and flowers. However, flexing your creative muscles and pulling yourself out of that rut isn’t all that difficult to do. Just remember, flower and garden photography is essentially another form of portraiture; most of the same lighting rules will apply.

Pack Your Bags – Macro photography is all the rage right now and rightly so, super close up shots of intricate flowers look awesome. But if an expensive 1:1 macro lens is out of your budget, a good quality 17-55mm or 24-70mm lens is usually more than enough to get the job done. A basic strobe makes for an excellent fill light which can eliminate shadows and really bring the photograph to life. Be sure to throw in a diffuser to prevent unwanted reflections on the plants. Carry a small sheet of white poster board and a spray bottle of water in your bag. You can use the board as a makeshift light reflector or as a backdrop to eliminate distractions. Mist the plant with water to create tiny droplets of water on the petals, leaves, or stem of the plants to give it a dew covered look.

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