25 Brilliant Small Business Ideas for 2018

Once upon a time, if you wanted to start your own business, you had to grovel to your bank manager, have something extraordinary to sell and then try to persuade real people to buy it.

That was before email, the internet, CRM software, marketing automation, social media and all the other modern technology that now dominates our lives.

Today, all you need for a successful and cheap small business in the UK is a decent idea and an internet connection.

So, what are the best small business ideas with low investment?

1. Bookkeeping Services

If you fancy running a small business from home and you’re good with numbers, how about bookkeeping services? You don’t even need to be qualified. Check out some free-to-use accountancy packages such as cloud-based Wave Accounting or open-source GnuCash.

2. Virtual Assistant

Perhaps not the most glamorous of assignments, but quite lucrative. Get your clients through sites such as Upwork. Choose clients, rates, and the hours that work for you.

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