20 Wonderful Examples of Winter Photography

Winter photos can be hauntingly beautiful. Snowy landscapes, frozen water, bare tree branches…  There are countless winter scenes worth photographing.

However, cold weather can also be tough to shoot photos in. Besides getting frozen fingers, you might struggle with poor lighting, bland colors, and dead batteries. These conditions can make you feel like going back inside, but stick with it! Getting excellent winter photos takes practice.

Winter demands more preparation, too.  Unlike summer, when you can stroll outside with just your camera, you’ll need a few more supplies to thrive in winter. To start with, you’ll probably want waterproof clothes, so you won’t get wet if you have to kneel or lay down.

Special gloves are nice to have, too. Some photographers wear two sets of gloves. They have a thin pair for shooting, covered with a thick pair between shots. Other photographers use fingerless ones, like these from Igloos.

Extra batteries are another must-have. Keep them someplace warm, like inside your coat, so the cold won’t drain them. For more gear tips, check out this post about cold weather gear for photography.

Fred Veenkamp - Winterwonderland II

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