10 Of The Coolest Robots In The World Right Now

The robot displays different emotions which users have to identify using an iPad. While this happens, cameras built into Milo’s eyes monitor the child’s behaviour to provide feedback, and the children also wear a chest pack that looks out for changes in heart rate. That way, whoever’s working with the children can address problems.

The firm claims that children working with Milo have an engagement rate of 70-90%, compared to 3-10% with other therapy methods.

Ekso GT


Exoskeletons demonstrate the potential robotics has in the medical world. Ekso Bionics, a company based in Richmond, California, has been manufacturing them for over ten years, working primarily with the military.

Its latest product, the Ekso GT, is helping spinal trauma and stroke victims recover and walk again. The robotic suit, made from titanium and aluminium, uses battery-powered motors to allow the wearer to walk. All they need to do is move their hips forward, and the device will initiate steps. It also comes with software that health professionals can use to provide adaptive therapy.

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