10 Of The Coolest Robots In The World Right Now

We take a look at how robots are changing the world by counting down the top robotic technology right now.

When it comes to robots, there are many ways you can look at them. They’re either hell-bent on wiping out humanity or our best friends – making us tea and doing the washing. But the fact is, most of that is just fantasy – the tales of sci-fi movies and novels.

Of course, we’ll more than likely see a day when robots are mainstream or even our equals, although that won’t happen any time soon. They’re mostly prototypes and elaborate plans put together by billion-dollar companies at this stage.

However, that’s not to say robotic technology doesn’t have potential. There have been plenty of advancements made within the last few years. From intelligent humanoids to bionic limbs, here are the best bits of robotic tech.

Milo Robot


Milo is a robot developed by American humanoid manufacturer Robokind to support children with Autism. Two-feet tall, it’s been designed specifically for parents, therapists, and educators to teach children social skills.

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