10 Of The Best Sports Cars For The Money: 2018

Here’s what AutoGuide.com thinks are some of the best new sports cars you can buy today for the money — there are some downright cheap ones and some that cost a bit more money but still offer a lot of value. You might think you need to spend a lot of money on a sports car, but as our list will show you, there’s plenty of performance offerings around that won’t break the bank. (And why aren’t hot hatches like the Type R or GTI on this list? They’re sporty, but that doesn’t make them sports cars, and there’s a difference.)

BMW M240i

The BMW M240i offers up nearly the same amount of fun as the BMW M2 for about $10,000 less. Buyers probably won’t be left wanting more performance with the M240i, either, with its turbo inline-six making a healthy 335 hp.

Nissan 370Z

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