At the five digit price range you’re moving towards serious watch territory.

Such amounts of coinage will ensure you see some truly compelling timepieces that deserve your utmost care and the world’s attention.

Still keen to play on? Of course you are. Here are the ten definitive watches we think are worthy of a mention for their style, class, heritage and unyielding craftsmanship. Money comes and goes; that fine piece of engineered art on your wrist? It defines the type of man you are.

Omega Speedmaster Professional

Going by the alias of “The Moonwatch”, the Omega Speedmaster Professional was originally marketed as a racer’s watch, before gracing the wrists of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on their first voyage to the moon.

The watch is a legend in its own right, assisting the astronauts of Apollo 13 on their fated mission where the oxygen tanks ruptured, and all they had were their wits, and their Speedmasters to guide them safely back to Earth.

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